FADE to BLACK Jimmy Church w/ Travis Walton : The Interview

This is the most revealing and personal Travis has done to date…this is a MUST listen… for anyone that has ever been interested in UFOs, abductions or an ET presence on our planet…listen to Travis’ conversation on Fade to Black… this will cause you to sit back and think and really appreciate his life and journey.

Travis Walton is an American logger who was abducted by a UFO on November 5, 1975, while working with a logging crew in the Apache-Sitgreaves National Forest in Arizona. Walton could not be found, but reappeared after a five-day search.

The Walton case received mainstream publicity and remains one of the best-known instances of alien abduction.

It is one of the very few alien abduction cases with corroborative eyewitnesses, and one of few abduction cases where the time allegedly spent in the custody of aliens plays a rather minor role in the overall account

Air date: February 12, 2018

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