FADE to BLACK Jimmy Church w/ Amelia Aeon Karris : Guide to Synchronicity

Amelía Aeon Karris has been a way-seer and trend-setter throughout her career spanning technology, fashion, entertainment, intentional community design, and spirituality. In 1994 she co-founded one of the world’s first web design companies, before the public had even heard of email. What began as introducing people to cutting-edge virtual reality and artificial intelligence has evolved into awakening people to their multi-dimensional natures.

Amelía received a BA in Consciousness, Healing, and Ecology and has apprenticed in a number of mystery schools.

Her past-life recall was noted in India, placing her on national TV and later addressing live audiences of as many as 60,000 spiritual seekers.

She has helped thousands of people to liberate their minds, navigate expanding realities, and live out their divine destinies… and is the author of Synchronicity; Unlock Your Divine Destiny and the founding director of Know The Self, a Mystery School for Modern Day Living.

Tonight we are going to talk about how to change yourself…your world… your reality… which then will help you change our world.

Air date: October 18, 2017


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