ET’s, UFO’s and the Connection to Consciousness – Alexis Brooks w/ Rey Hernandez

Though many still insist on separating the #ET and #UFO phenomenon from other #paranormal encounters – maintaining that the subjects and thus the experiences are worlds apart, there is another school of thought, and one that Rey Hernandez, co-founder of FREE (The Foundation for Research into Extraterrestrial and Extraordinary Experiences) fully supports.

He insists that all phenomena (OBE, NDE, ESP, Remote Viewing, et al) are inextricably linked, including those we have with non-human intelligence. Further, what he refers to as “contact modalities” are tightly woven together by one common thread and that’s consciousness.

Rey joins Higher Journeys once again to discuss how he arrived at this conclusion and why now more than ever we need to look very closely at the totality of this phenomena and moreover how it may all link back to our contact with non-human intelligence.

Based on the UFO best-seller: Beyond UFOs – The Science of Consciousness and Contact with Non-Human Intelligence.

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