ET Tech, NDE, Fungi Intelligence, Angels, Sasquatch, Ghosts & Earth Bound Spirits, Mushrooms/Psilocybin – Karen Swain w/ Barry Littleton

SEE MORE here … After a near fatal car accident in 2010 and 2 NDE’s, ET contact experiencer Barry Littleton knew his life would never be the same again, and it was time to share his extensive lifelong encounters with non human intelligence with the world. Barry’s is not the usual contactee story, his is a lucid analysis of the nature of contact, the technology that non human intelligence use to power the craft and possibly to power us, and why it’s high time for people from all walks of life to come forward with their own ET encounters and experiences. We chat about his ET experiences and the Tech he saw on craft, his NDE, Fungi Intelligence, Angels, Sasquatch, Ghosts & Earth Bound Spirits & More

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