Entanglement Dance of an Evolving Humanity

It is time to realize that whatever we do in our corner of the world affects the natural world ecosystems, the expansiveness of humanity, and how we dance together in the world’s evolution. The ripple effect is always in action.

Evolving Humanity through the Ripple Effect

by Dagny Grant and Beth Donnelly

Growing pains…evolution from one phase or stage-of-being to another is often uncomfortable. People are taken outside of their comfort zones once inspired to make changes. Each action and reaction make a ripple in space, time, and history. Each action taken in kindness & empathy is the cause of an effect, and each action taken in anger or fear is also the cause of an effect. We must decide where we want our momentum to carry us. Every single decision we make is an important one that defines the trajectory of entanglement, which encompasses the entire world. It’s literally a ripple effect of energy. Suppose we wish to create a world where kindness, peace, and compassion are present. In that case, we must focus our personal dance toward that goal…the entanglement dance of evolving humanity.

The world has been through multiple periods of significant change. Through times of changing leaders, wars, sickness & famine, political dynamics, religious conflicts, and racial inequities, there have been groups of people who have represented both sides, wanting different results. These conflicts can motivate people to take action and change the world.

Each of us has a unique role in unfolding change. Some may find their roles very dramatic, such as joining a protest march, and some may find their roles more passive and closer to home, such as helping a neighbor or friend in a time of need. Both of these roles can be enveloped in compassion and kindness that echoes out into the energetic field of humanity. A question to ask might be: are we spreading light and love, or are we spreading darkness and fear?

A balanced universe has both darkness and light. We can understand and be concerned about the problems of the world. There will always be issues in humanity that will require our empathy and compassion. However, it is important to maintain balance by focusing on those things that inspire light, love, kindness, and being of service to others…and that will ripple out into the world.

Before we discuss the ability to shift states, we’d like to mention a small percentage of people who have chemical imbalances or even life circumstances that create specific mental states and make it difficult to shift. Mental illness, grief, abject poverty, fear for safety are some examples of these states.

However, we believe for most of us, it’s possible to choose our emotional state…to be depressed or hopeful. We can choose to shift a negative feeling to a positive one, but that can take practice. In what way is our free-will steering our lives’ direction versus the experiential destiny pushing us through our emotions?

Pain pushes you until your vision pulls you.

~ Michael Beckwith

It is time to realize that whatever we do in our corner of the world affects the natural world ecosystems, the expansiveness of humanity, and how we dance together in the world’s evolution. The ripple effect is always in action.

Examples of how ripple effects might work:

~ Telling a person you believe in their talent may inspire then to be an artist who influences many others.

~ Educating someone about a topic might then be written about and shared across personal or social media platforms, reaching millions.

~ Parents are showing appreciation for their kid’s talents and encouraging them to pursue their dreams.

~ A coach teaching their students about ethics and fair play in their area of expertise can affect how they treat others in every area of their lives.

~ A simple smile to those who serve the public, in turn, inspires reciprocated kindness to others.

~ A friend that is not intimidated by another’s success, but instead is motivated to do something good for someone else.

~ Intervening when someone is bullied giving others the courage and strength to do the same.

~ Showing kindness to animals encouraging others to do the same.

While those examples above are all positive, ripple effects are also created by our expressions of anger, fear, hate, resentment, and other negative emotions. The ripple effect is always working.

What do we ultimately need to understand our role in the ripples of entanglement?

1. That no action or reaction is too small to have an effect and an impact on the world.

2. As a conscious contributor to the creative flow and balance, we know that resistance and contrast are an integral part of the dance of evolving humanity.

3. Whatever emotional action and reaction we choose, our personal entanglement dance will be a powerful force in evolution.

“In a universe made out of energy,

everything is entangled;

Everything is one.”

~ Bruce Lipton


Source: https://omtimes.com