Enoch : The Great Pyramid Mystery

The book, Enoch | The Great Pyramid Mystery, here: https://goo.gl/gDxff7

We have been reading and listening about the Great Pyramids of Giza since our childhood whether we are Jews, Christians or belong to the religion, Islam. Although we have got slightly different versions of origins behind those landmarks, at least the world accepts it as one of the miracles on Earth.
General facts about the Pyramids which probably every search site would display includes it’s construction with heavyweight stones. Very heavy at that.

It is to the extent that some fact gatherers also proclaimed those stones could have been used as a boundary wall around the globe. Khufu the Pharoah is generally accepted as the builder of this marvelous piece of art.

The archaeological findings assert the pyramids to be a tomb or safe to the embalmed bodies of the powerful monarchs of the past.

According to an Arab Historian, Ibrahim-al-Maqrizi, the Great Pyramids were constructed by a king who ruled the world even before the Great Flood, named by Surid Ibn Salhouk. Some sacred books have this name with variations as Enoch and Idris and Hermes.
Ancient legends let us know more about the character of Enoch. His reign comprised of almost 243 years.

It is clearly mentioned in the Bible that he surely is among those rulers who ruled the world before the Great Flood.

We get more insights into the topic through these legends that Hermes or Enoch had some special powers which enabled him to construct such a wonder, but also from the book Enoch | Great Pyramid Mystery.

It is said that he was warned by angels/gods of a great catastrophic incident in the form of a Flood. He took this as a precaution and start constructing the Pyramids to save the valuable collection that he dreaded to get drowned in the Flood.

Another proof of angels or supernatural powers helped him in the construction of the Pyramids are the written images that are found during research.

There were some objects in the air shown in the images that were helping the builder to complete the task efficiently.