Energy, The New Earth, 3d, 5d, QHHT – Alexis Brooks w/ Julia Cannon (Dolores Cannon’s Daughter)

We’re discussing AND addressing YOUR challenges during these times. Are you dealing with wonky energy lately? Is something affecting your energy pattern?

And if so, could this be a sign that we’ve arrived into a New Earth, as legendary hypnotherapist and researcher Dolores Cannon described?

If you’re empathic, your’e likely EXTRA sensitive to the wonky energy out there right now. But there is something you need to know about what’s going on right now, and HOW to manage it! This is what we’re discussing and Julia has some important information to share!!


✓ How to know if the emotions you’re feeling are yours or someone else’s.

✓ How to shift your frequency out of the “other” energy and into yours.

✓ Recognize the “crash course” you’re in right now and how to align yourself to pass the course.

✓ How to know and turn on the power of CHOICE!

✓ Are we living at the time of the NEW EARTH?

✓ What’s your choice: 3D or 5D?

✓ How to heal and to TEACH healing using QHHT.


👀 WATCH my first interview with Julia: (We touch on the “Backdrop People” here!)

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