Electrodynamic Field Generator (Classifications: Flying Saucers) – Patent US6404089B1

Electrodynamic field generator

This device is a brushless high-voltage electrical generator, requiring suitable means of input rotary torque, for purposes of producing a very-high-energy external electrodynamic field or continuous quasi-coherent DC corona or arc discharge of uniform current density which completely encloses the machine’s conductive housing. This housing is divided into distinct electrical sections and contains a flat conductive rotor which electrically links separate negative and positive housing sections and upon which a plurality of toroidal generating coils are rotatably mounted. Circular arrays of stationary permanent magnets are affixed within the housing which induce a constant DC voltage within said coils upon their rotation. The primary voltage so-generated is electrostatically impressed across the rotor such that great quantities of electronic charge may be transported between the opposite polarity sections of the housing, in such a manner that a much higher secondary voltage is caused to appear across interposed neutral sections thereof, and the resulting external breakdown current once initiated is independent of the generating coils’ ampacity. Ancillary mechanical, electrical, an/or electronic features may be attached upon or within the housing to aid in harnessing and controlling the useful effects associated with the external dynamic electric field produced by the device.

Classifications: Flying saucers

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