James Gilliland Multi Dimensional Conspiracies polarity and maintaining Higher Consciousness. Re-edited with Never seen before Paranormal footage
(Take 2 Re-Edited and Refined with Bonus content)
James Covers: “Multi Dimensional Conspiracies polarity and maintaining Higher Consciousness”
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Here is one of the immature, non-independent thinkers. That relies on others to think for her. Takes on the roll of exposing New Cage FRAUDS, but couldn’t explain why, without her pointing to someone else, Like Clif High, CW Chanter, etc. LISTEN TO HIM/HER

This 65 year old woman (going on 8) followed me on Twitter. I followed back (8 mos ago)
She doesn’t watch or read what she posts. Go pick any previous post video that she has, that is 10 minutes or longer and ask her for a brief description. She won’t be able to do it. Everything is automated & setup for her. Look at the format of some of her text posts. No paragraph spaces. No love or care!

I don’t search for these people. She followed me on Twitter.

She posted this & I DM her & asked her. Why did you label it “Blue Chicken Cult” when he doesn’t even mention the Blue Avian’s?

She didn’t have a logic answer, because she didn’t watch it or have a fucking clue!

Do I believe these people 100%. Of course not, but if you have never learned to do research with an open mind and put stuff on the shelf & connect dots. You end up with 2-way switch people (sheeple) Believe it 100% or Not

What do you do, if don’t believe someone? Do you move on or spend time trying to tell everyone (dumb people who can’t think for themselves) what a fake or fraud this person is?

I’ve been in it 10 years now. Why since 2016 have there been an influx of people, saying this person is a fraud?

I will never say these people are working for Intelligence Agencies.

Learn to think for yourselves people!

Decide for yourselves: https://twitter.com/PurpleSkyzOOM

The Funniest part. Her Likes: https://twitter.com/PurpleSkyzOOM/likes

She gave me the most likes I’ve ever had on Twitter. Good strategy to keep the non-independent cling-on from exposing you. Unfortunately it didn’t work on me 🙁

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