Earthquake Machine : The Genius Of Nikola Tesla

It was a quiet day in 1898 when the residents of several blocks of buildings in the crowded Chinese and Italian neighborhoods of Manhattan began to experience a tremor that soon began to shake all buildings and shatter glass, causing people to run scared on the streets of New York.

Earthquake Machine : The Genius Of Nikola Tesla

The police were forced to rush in to assess the situation. After checking that the quake was confined to that small part of the city and suspects who could be the cause, the police sent two of their agents to 46 East Houston Street. Just before entering the building, they noticed that the tremor stopped, and when they passed through the door of a laboratory, they were received by a tall and thin man, with a mustache, elegantly dressed, and armed with a hammer. The man calmly told them, “Gentlemen, I am sorry. You are just a trifle too late to witness my experiment. I found it necessary to stop it suddenly and unexpectedly in an unusual way. However, if you will come around this evening, I will have another oscillator attached to a platform and each of you can stand on it. You will, I am sure, find it a most interesting and pleasurable experience. Now, you must leave, for I have many things to do. Good day.” #nikolatesla #earthquakemachine #matrixdisclosure #genius Music provided by No Copyright Music:

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