Dr. Steven Greer - How the Secret Government Works: The Most Explosive Expose


Here is the synopsis:

  • For those folks who want a very professionally performed investigation (ongoing for more than 20 years) on the UFOs, advanced technology, the cover-up, and curiously:
  • Carl Sagan compromised and swindled into debunking UFOs (see 2:08:00)
  • Donald Rumsfeld announced 1 day before 911 that Congress had lost $2.3 trillion unaccounted for, now updated to $8.5 trillion. (see 1:56:30)
  • Marilyn Monroe’s involvement (see 41:00).
  • Burl Ives the actor and 33rd degree mason (see 47:00)
  • Jack Kennedy wanted full disclosure and to make peace with the Soviets (see 49:00)
  • IMPORTANT: Listen to what he says at 2:43:30

It’s a long talk, but well worth the listen. So grab the non-GMO popcorn and lemon water before you hit the armchair.