Donald Trump & The Simpsons’ Prediction: Why Do Many Future Predictions In Entertainment Come True?

by Arjun Walia

Images of reality spread across extremely popular television shows, like The Simpsons, is not at all uncommon. After all, they have to make it relatable in order enhance our ability to connect with what we are watching. Using reality and distorting it somewhat to make non-fiction seem like fiction is a great way to engage the audience, but there seems to be a common occurrence — and that’s the fact that a number of future predictions, along with what seems to be subliminal programming, frequently appear.

The latest one to grab the most attention comes from The Simpsons in an episode that aired during the year 2000 where, in the show, Donald Trump runs for president and wins. The episode provided imagery of Trump’s win in an almost identical fashion as it happened this year, as seen above.

Apart from the picture above, below is another example showing the electoral map from the Trump episode in the Simpsons, comparing it to the real thing. Not quite identical this time, but pretty close.


Why This Shouldn’t Be Brushed off As A ‘Conspiracy Theory’

Is this just a coincidence, or a conspiracy theory?

If you’ve been paying attention to what’s been happening on the planet for the past few years, which would require you to look at sources that differ from mainstream media and journalism, a lot has revealed itself. Whether it be manipulation of the U.S. political process by corporate and financial elitist agendas, the disastrous consequences of spraying our food with poisons, the black budget, and other revelations that have been further pushed along by the likes of Julian Assange or Edward Snowden-type whistleblowers, information is seeping from the realms of secrecy and corruption and has forced ‘the establishment’ to create a smear campaign against specific news outlets, labeling them as paid Russian propaganda and ‘fake news.’

The only reason they are doing this is because information has revealed itself, and continues to reveal itself, waking up the masses and thus threatening their ability to control a large amount of people. Our lifestyles, thoughts, and perceptions of the world have been programmed into us. All aspects of our lives, from education to energy generation, is completely controlled by this group, including entertainment.

A quick look at the shareholders will show you that. These people are ‘the one percent.’

The bright side? We are finally recognizing it in a big way.

The same group of people and the corporations and banks that hide behind big oil, energy, health, and finance are also in complete control of media and major forms of entertainment, so, it would indeed make sense that if events like 9/11 were planned and brought fourth the way many think they were (bombs), entertainment industry executives would know about it or be involved in it.

The point being? It’s always good keep an open mind, even the topic of UFOs is no longer a fringe topic and has been vetted with credible sources and documentation for many years now.

I’m not going to go through the evidence that has many people believing beyond a shadow of a doubt that a large portion of our ‘ruling elite’ are involved in some very secretive, and sometimes, disturbing things. A few examples that have sparked more interest in this topic that come from the mainstream were John Podesta’s ‘spirit cooking’ email as well as the ‘Pizza Gate’ scandals.

Pizza Gate is a great example of a topic that mainstream media (which, in many eyes, should be dubbed the real ‘fake news’) jumps on in order to debunk right away. Accusations of pedophilia within the ruling elite are nothing new; you can read a couple of recent-related CE articles on the topic of pedophilia within the elite here and here.

If you really want to know why many believe these ‘elite’ people mentioned above to be involved with powerful ‘secret societies,’ a great place to start is with is Manly P. Halls’ The Secret Teachings of All Ages. It’s a dense encyclopedia and a solid starting point from which to dive into subjects such as the Qabbala, Alchemy, Tarot, Ceremonial Magic, Neo-Platonic Philosophy, Mystery Religions, and the theory of Rosicrucianism and Freemasonry.

This is a completely separate topic with much to write about, which is why I am pointing you in the direction of that book.

It is within the tradition of secret societies to not make themselves appear so hidden. In fact, they’re big on symbolism, and you can see symbolism relating to secret societies, both modern and ancient, spread all over entertainment since the inception of the industry.

They like to ‘hide in plain sight,’ and leave clues, according to my research.

This would be the explanation of The Simpsons’ Trump president episode, along with others, but if you really get into it it goes deeper. It goes into planning events in order to complete a plan; some would call that “The New World Order Plan.

The traditions would have those we have this plan in mind, given that they follow them, would have them put all of this information out in the open for us to ‘decode.’

When we look at the New World order, events like 9/11 played a huge role. It was false flag terrorism at its finest, created and used by those who provided the justification for the infiltration of Iraq. The ‘war on terror’ has since been shown to be based on false premises, used to further push along the New World Order. You can read more about that here.

Secret societies are also littered with the perversion of power, something that happened a long time ago and has plagued those who’ve held positions of power for a long time, from the aristocrats in Rome all the way up to the modern day royal family. I’m stating this because it makes sense, given the fact that they control all aspects of our lives. The planet would not be in the shape it is in, I believe, if it were not for this perversion of power.

On the bright side, we are ultimately in control. This is not an us vs. them scenario. We can change the game anytime we would like, and we are indeed changing it.

This is why, to me, this type of thing is seen all across entertainment, because of secret society traditions playing a joke on the masses. Call me crazy, but after the research into this topic, commonly found in the history of global philosophy, it seems almost crazy to believe otherwise.

They enjoy ‘hiding’ things in plane sight.

Again, The Simpsons and these two pictures (below from 1997) are just one of what seem to be hundreds of examples.


A Few Other Examples From The Simpsons & Concluding Remarks

Below is a video found on YouTube of other instances this has happened in The Simpsons. Again, things like this are easy to brush off as a conspiracy theory and, as with many other topics, to even contemplate that there could be some truth to this is hard for many people to do.

That being said, the fact remains that if you do the research, the evidence is there. Why is this important? Well, because it involves those who we consider “successful” and in positions of great power.