Disclosure, MSM, DoD UFO Video, Loud Booms, Alien Presence – Linda Moulton Howe – Jan 10 2018

Tonight Linda Moulton Howe discusses the push-back on the “disclosure” videos, the tic-tac video, conversations with Dr. Hal Puthoff and more on the topic. Then Linda discusses the Russian flash caught on CCTV and finally takes questions from her fans.

Hi everyone! In a way, this is sort of like a Happy New Year connection to where we did the Christmas show with my two baby kitties. And this is Chocolate. He had jumped up behind me, he loves to sit behind me when I’m working so I thought, everybody loves these kitties, so I’m going to show you Chocolate.

Like most cats normally they don’t like to be contained in any way but oh he is such a Love Bug and Fluffy is around here somewhere and you might keep a look for Fluffy he’ll probably come jumping up. These are brothers from the same litter they are Himalayans and Chocolate is the biggest one so far. You can see he’s really got a beautiful coat. I love them dearly and I’m going put him right back behind me where he loves to be so that I can talk to you about some things I think are important, and we’ll see maybe he’ll settle down the way he normally does.

Now in the last seven days since my Earthfiles YouTube Channel report with you on Wednesday, January 3rd I have been able to talk with an astrophysicist about one of the infrared videos released to the New York Times. The 34-second one that has the two pilots voices on it -that was on December 16th, 2017. We all saw the paper or the web version of the New York Times and on the web, they had that 34-second video. It was described as being officially released by a man named Louis Elizondo who is described as the director of the Pentagon’s advanced aerospace threat identification program you’ll see that acronym AATIP in various news reports.

The astrophysicist that I have talked with in this week is Eric Davis, PhD he is the chief science officer of Earth Tech International Inc in Austin Texas where he works with an engineer who helped Puthoff also Ph.D., Dr. Puthoff is on the board of directors with Luis Elizondo for Tom DeLong’s to the stars Academy.

Linda Moulton Howe on Tom DeLonge and To The Stars Academy Presentation on 10/11/2017

Dr.Eric Davis is also an adjunct research professor at the Center for Astrophysics space physics and engineering research at Baylor University in Waco Texas. His research emphasis is on the early universe cosmology and strings group center for astrophysics space physics and engineering research at Baylor University Dr. Davis confirmed for me . . .

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