MANDATORY ONSCREEN CREDIT – Xander and The Peace Pirates

A determined musician born with only one hand has proved his doubters wrong by becoming the lead singer and guitarist of his own successful rock band.

When Keith Xander was born without his right hand, many people put limitations in his way and pre-determined what he could and could not do in life.

The apparent cause of Keith’s success in later life was due to a small number of people looking past his limitations and giving him the help, support and encouragement, he would later need in order to become a successful rock star.

Wanting to play guitar just like his big brother Stu, and inspired by seminal musical moments like Woodstock and legends like Carlos Santana, Jimi Hendrix and Prince, Keith’s dreams of simply being able to play guitar were repeatedly dashed by many people who thought it wasn’t possible for him to play the career-making instrument.

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