Cultivating a Heart of Empathy

by Judi Lynch

The Heart of an Empath

Empathy is one of the signs of emotional intelligence. It is the ability to understand another from their point of reference and emotionally feel what they feel. This means to feel a person’s joy as well as their pain. To look through the lens of their eyes and experience their events as if they were ours. There are kinds and degrees of empathy, and according to psychology, it is both a part of our evolution and a learned skill or behavior.

A person described as an empath is highly sensitive to other vibrational energies and experiences emotions physically as well. They are the first to feel, experience, offer help and when they say they care it is obvious. Dealing with loud noises, crowds, negative outlooks, cruelty of any kind can also set off alarms which elevate anxiety and fear. Learning how to function at a higher level during these events is key in maintaining emotional balance and keeping a positive outlook.

The empath has a variety of abilities and skills which go along with this life theme. Their Earth missions are complicated and varied. The life plans they’ve made are not easy. Empathy involves caring from the deepest levels of the heart. It is the core of our humanity, the reason we can love unconditionally. For an empath, it can be very confusing to understand if the feelings belong to them or someone else.

An empath is capable of reading thoughts, emotions, and intentions of another person. It happens all the time although most people aren’t aware of it. Intuition is heightened, spiritual energy is at high volume. Psychic ability develops through our empathy with practice and devotion. When a psychic is highly empathetic, they are extremely accurate with reading and interpreting messages for others from spirit. They send out an energy of peace which helps put others at ease which helps develop trust between the reader and the person receiving the reading.

Empaths can help protect their energy fields by remembering to detach in many situations. Being able to understand another and offering comfort along with channeling positive energy (without depleting their own) is key. Empaths can heal themselves and others without taking on the negative energy as their own. Meditation, self-care and a positive outlook on the benefits of being extra sensitive help greatly in transmuting energies. Setting boundaries, knowing when to end relationships and understanding the motives of friends and family members help greatly. Rising above situations that bring in anxiety and fear is a learned skill over time.

Narcissists are drawn to empaths because they use the love and energy provided them to feed their need for attention. The empath is always trying to save someone needy and broken until they learn that relationships are about loving each other equally, unconditionally. Narcissists don’t have or understand empathy, only that they need and seek attention for their own selfish purposes. Even though we all can have selfish thoughts or tendencies, most of us learn how to share and understand each other as humans.

An empath identifies the fact that love, patience, and understanding are more important than anything. They learn through time not everyone has the same energy or values and that is okay. They can learn to be responsible for how they honor life with their own growth through spiritual evolution. Learning to embrace their feelings without holding them in means expressing them in more positive ways. An empath can listen, be a calm and peaceful voice for injustice, inspire others not to be afraid to feel. More than ever humanity needs love and healing. It is empathy that changes and recharges the light of the soul. Empathy will bring us back to purpose and keep the light of hope alive. These special abilities were meant to be shared in helping this Earth to heal and flourish. The heart of an empath is the soul song we can all learn to sing.

About the Author

Judi Lynch is a psychic medium, intuitive counselor, healing channel, and author. She is president of the Crystal Healing Foundation, Inc. a 501(c) spiritual charity and writer for OM Times Magazine. She has authored two books, Friends with Lights and Conscious Ascension and has read for clients all over the world. To learn more or contact for a session see