Cricket ball-sized Hailstones pound Australian home injuring pet cat

Cricket ball-sized hailstones pound Australian home injuring pet cat
An intense hail storm with stones the size of “cricket balls” battered parts of Australia today (October 31st) damaging properties, vehicles and sending residents sprinting for cover.

This clip shows the first hail starting to pummel a garden in Springfield Lakes near Brisbane.

According to the filmer, Alex Finlayson, the hail smashed windows, punched holes in the roof and injured their cat.

“The first hailstone came from nowhere… almost by itself and was very close to hitting my son,” he said.

“It gave us a few seconds to get to cover and I had my phone out already,” Finlayson added.

“The biggest stone I held was like a cricket ball. The average was the size of a tennis ball,” Finlayson said.

The family cat Sally climbed into a storm drain to escape the hail and hurt her paws but is now recovering at home, according to Finlayson