Join host Michelle Walling with the new way to celebrate Thanksgiving: discussing how we will exit the matrix! Michelle will discuss her recent trip to Hot Springs, Arkansas and Augusta, Kansas, and what unfolded there. She shares her amazing healing experiences with the very gifted healers: Adrienne Goff, Candace Craw-Goldman, and Kim Hutchinson. Rejuvenation plays a huge role in our very near future, and Michelle will explain how she knows this. She will also discuss the expansion of In5d into many exciting areas as well as the new messages brought to her and many others from Dolores Cannon about the new quantum healing opportunities for humanity!
Here is Kim Hutchinson’s website: http://www.clayhuthealing.com
Here is Candace Craw Goldman’s site: http://www.newearthjourney.com
Here is Adrienne Goff’s website: http://www.adriennegoff.com