Consciousness and the Human Fractal Antenna – Alexis Brooks w/ Nassim Haramein

Alexis sits down with physicist and consciousness researcher Nassim Haramein on location in Los Angeles to discuss his latest findings further supporting the hypothesis that consciousness is the primary force that drives all of reality – Recent discoveries support that EVEN inanimate objects may have some measure of consciousness.

But how does this all work? Nassim offers a lucid and thorough thesis on all of this and much more!

Nassim also shares his thoughts on the potency of what is called simply “The Field,” and how through the human fractal antenna, we are all connected to it.

Additionally, he weighs in on the history of denial about considering consciousness as something other than an “epiphenomenon of the brain.”

Image of Dr. Frank Wilczek is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 Unported license. Image by: Kenneth C. Zirkel

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