Connecting Consciousness Cancellation : Wolf Spirit Radio – NEW RADIO SHOW UPDATE – Simon Parkes

Saturday, April 7, 2018

by Simon Parkes

Dear all, a few words must be said as to the recent situation regarding the Radio show with JP that has left so many of us confused.

First you will be aware that a certain individual has made it her life ambition to be nasty about me, Ben Emlyn Jones, Miles Johnson, Kerry Cassidy and many others of us have been attacked by this individual.

I did ask JP to disable the comments on his radio shows simply because the police advised me to do this. This came about when I reported the actions of this woman to the police. I reported that she had accused me of “stealing money from old people“ and a range of other totally ludicrous things.

The police told me that the comments made by this woman were actually illegal and I was given a crime number and invited to the police station to make a victim statement, which I did.
The police have indeed been to see this woman and explained that she can’t go on making false allegations without there being consequences.

When I said on the radio show that this woman had previously been raided by the drug squad I spoke fact.

The metropolitan police did raid her home because they were looking for more than the usual smokes, they were after something much bigger. So what I said is total fact.

Indeed it was confirmed in one of her own posts. At no time did I say that any crack was recovered or that she was arrested because she was charged with pushing.
I know this because she herself told me, and at the time I felt she was someone I did not wish to associate with. That was some 6 years ago now.

It became obvious that one of JPs assistant’s was in contact with this woman, indeed this woman put a message out saying that she was in touch with one of JPs admins. So we know where pressure to cancel the radio show came from.
What saddens me is that JP was not even man enough to tell me face to face. Like you, I only learnt about it afterwards. He had not even discussed it or asked for my side of it. It’s the same as a big corporation sacking an employee by text – only in this case I never even got a text !

I thought this might occur when JP cancelled the last show and only gave me a few hours notice so I put feelers out for a new radio show a few days back.  In fact if there is more than one offer then I would be happy to do more than one show – let’s see.

JP will live with the consequences of his action, he has not only dropped me but all the many audiences that listen to the show, and he has deprived them of a show. That of course is his business but he has in my opinion treated them and me in a rather poor way.

Nevertheless I wish him no ill will in this matter and I will keep you all up to date with new radio show details.

Radio Show Update – Sunday, April 22, 2018