Compartmentalization of the Shadow Government

Through strict compartmentalization of the shadow government’s full operations and agenda, people who would not stand for the full agenda are tricked into contributing to the destruction, dysfunction, and enslavement of mankind based on lucrative rewards and nescience due to their compartmentalization.

Reasons for Compartmentalization:
-Conceals the full agenda from operatives who may refuse allegiance if they knew the agenda betrays all of humanity
-A More Secure Conspiracy: Weakens the chance of critical whistleblowing or leaks

Artificial Intelligence Compartmentalization

Post-Singularity AI provides for revolutionary military and intelligence agency compartmentalization where any target (IE: political dissidents) can be targeted with intense directed energy weapon programs while AI automates everything behind their targeting. I have often heard the argument of “Why spend so much resources on TIs”, well with AI automation it takes very little on hand live person work-hours to continue an electronic harassment targeting for many years.

Advanced artificial intelligence provides an environment of automation where agents were needed prior to AI. This has isolated more power to the top of the pyramid, and weakened any chance for a crippling whistleblowing event or major leak.

Black project AI is decades ahead of public AI and has been perfected and honed in secrecy since sometime in the 20th century. Artificial intelligence is a huge field of information. I can warn people: There is a lot of disinformation about AI in alt media…

Internal Dichotomy of American Intelligence Agencies

American intelligence agencies have front operations to maintain an image of being unpolluted of corruption, while under the surface(which many agents never cross) there are incredibly sinister operations taking place, particularly with electromagnetic and sonic directed energy weapons.
The Hidden Hand

The epitome of hidden hands I would say involves directed energy weapons and black project artificial intelligence (AI). These technologies have near godlike ability while remaining invisible environmentally. The true rulers of the world sit in an Electronic Telepathy Secret Society and give orders to AIs that essentially attempt to control mankind…