Clear Proof of Ionospheric Heater Acting on Cloud Tops – The HAARP Report

This is stunning proof of US Navy megawatt microwave beams heating the ionosphere, and producing a localized hot spot, which shows up as a “divot” in the cloud tops. This stationary divot is proof of downward air movement in one spot (tightly focused manmade high pressure in the jet stream). I was really stunned to see this manmade “divot”, with several concentric roll clouds emanating from the center. There is no natural explanation for the divot and concentric roll clouds. Two hours later, all the surface storms magically disappeared, which was the goal, to stop another hurricane from forming.
This video is a perfect demonstration of how the Ionospheric Heaters can be used to create and maintain DROUGHT!!! This is a WEATHER WEAPON, AND MUST BE BANNED BY INTERNATIONAL TREATY!!!! Finally, we have clear evidence that this technology is real, and is being used many times everyday. We must demand a worldwide ban!
This weather control operation was done to prevent another Hurricane Florence from forming, only ten days after Hurricane Florence made landfall. With Atlantic sea surface temperatures of 85+ degrees, and no wind shear, this new hurricane would have been another major hurricane in a few days of days. I AM NOT DEFENDING THIS TECHNOLOGY, since it is rapidly killing the planet, by destroying the ozone layer. Apparently, my navy buddies will allow me to see the evidence, when it is being used in defense of the american people, but weather attacks on California, Texas, Oklahoma, Oregon, British Columbia, etc, are photoshopped to hide the evidence.

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PS. Each pixel is 2.3 miles, before zooming in, so that gives an idea of how powerful this technology is.
I hope other people can watch for this type of phenomena, but I seem to be the only one who can tell the difference between normal gravity waves, and manmade weather control. My next video will show proof of ozone layer destruction, caused by this technology (the planet’s biosphere is dying due to high UV-B).
BTW, on top of the “hot spot”, the upper atmosphere was blown out to space, and lost. How many years can this go on, without permanent damage to our atmosphere???