00:01 Welcoming Jason Christoff to Buzzsaw.
01:04 Chemtrail flu, and toxins from above (and below).
03:44 Ebola and Zika as tools of control and manipulation.
06:46 AIDS and HIV theories and misconceptions.
10:21 The vaccine controversy.
12:44 Controlling the population through vaccines and fluoridation.
14:55 Fast food, soda, and mass consumption of sedative toxins.
17:05 Detoxifying yourself and stabbing at the heart of the dragon.
19:44 The dangers of bottled water–from health to the environment.
21:49 The post-human society imposed by the ruling elite.
25:44 How to exploit the psychopathic tendencies of the powers that be,
27:00 Where to find more.
27:55 Thanks and goodbye.

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