Part of our evolution as human beings is to begin to think about ourselves and the world around us as intertwined consciousness. We are in a phase of scientific materialism where the 3d aspect of our reality is augmented, however, the truth remains: we are multidimensional beings.

Our deepest roots stretch up the dimensions into the cosmos itself, into the stars. It is the quality of our consciousness at this level that actually determines what the 3d world is. We cannot ignore this truth any longer — we are not islands.

Technologies like CERN artificially eclipse these varied levels of consciousness into one state, this level of integration is earned and damages our consciousness when it is forced through technology. Our consciousness is designed to integrate and unify through consciously becoming aware of our multidimensional nature through activities like meditation. This process is also known as “enlightenment.”

Forcing our consciousness into a false accelerated spiral through technology magnifies the shadow/trauma within ourselves and our world and creating a downward spiral. Acceleration must occur in all subtle bodies *equally* over time. Accelerating one level of our consciousness with technology to this degree is not a revolution, or a natural step, it is a destructive perversion of human consciousness. It is the hollowing of the human spirit, a technological extension of the destruction scientific materialism has created.

Let’s remember who we are (what we are), before we lose it. Before we lose something we didn’t even realize we had.

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