Cancel Culture: How My Friends Tried To Ruin My Life

I’ve been wanting to make a video on this for awhile, but I had to wait until the wound wasn’t as fresh. These people really did a number on me. I’m not mad at them at the end of the day, they are victims of the Fake News media just like I was for so long. People like me are only trying to help deprogram y’all. Sorry to those who I’ve offended with my content. It’s all still on the channel, so go have a look for yourself, I’m happy to discuss.

Here is the Donald Trump episode that caused a lot of the controversy and was what got me labelled a racist (backwards logic IMO) –

Here is my 9/11 film based off the brilliant work of Dr. Judy Wood, John Hutchison and Andrew Johnson –

Here are examples of what they claim is “COVID denial propaganda” on my channel. I’m a Certified Natural Health Practitioner in close contact with Dr. David Klein, Dr. Tim Trader, Dr. Rick Dina, Dr. Alan Goldhammer, Dr. Michael Klaper, Dr Brownstein, and Dr. Ben Lynch. Some of these doctors have also been censored and smeared during the pandemic. I never once said COVID was fake, but that the numbers are being highly inflated, which they are. I also only ever promoted ways to boost your immune system which have been proven for well over a century (vitamins and minerals). My schooling was in natural hygiene, orthomolecular medicine and methylation/nutrigenomics.………

And here is Tom’s video that they said was anti-Semitic. Really?…

I don’t wish this upon anyone — people can be so vicious. Much love to all those who have shown me support over the past year. I never expected to become a citizen journalist, but I also didn’t expect to be locked down without a job all year. Anyway, I never meant to offend anyone, I really am just after the truth and feel free speech is worth fighting for.