California Fire Catastrophe: PSE&G Power Lines & Wind

Power lines brought down by “hurricane winds” that didn’t exist, over 300 square miles simultaneously starting these fires, makes about as much sense lava being the cause. As you can see from the pictures, these down poles look to be essentially isolated instead of being “ground zero” for these simultaneous blazes, and as always – it’s just another reason to overlook the obvious.

The comments submitted on my last video once again illustrate how false-narratives like this are created and propagated. I systematically received dozens of ‘comments’ trying to interject various causes other than the most logical and obvious one – coordinated and deliberate arson, as we’ve seen so many times before. Needless to say, I don’t post these comments and don’t allow them to pollute the comments streams with confusion.

What these postulations accomplish of course, is keeping people focused on misdirections instead of the actual evidence that people can see with their own eyes. Dozens of ‘seemingly coordinated’ comments pushing lighting (when there was no weather or clouds of any kind), pushing lava from underground, and pushing power lines supposedly downed by 30 miles-an-hour winds, again illustrates the coordinated and deliberate effort to keep people’s eye off the ball.

I even got a bunch of comments asking me to do a video about “Directed Energy Weapons” being the cause. As I have consistently illustrated when it comes to the systems employed to manufacture weather, Occam’s Razor most certainly applies. The simplest methods (like boiling water to create cloud systems) are always employed, and this is obviously ‘practical.’ When doing something of this magnitude on a global scale, the simpler it is to deploy these systems, the better.

Why would anyone think Space-Based Directed Energy Weapons would be used to start fires, when a handful of people with matches would accomplish the same thing? Particularly, when the ‘suggestion’ comes from people who don’t believe satellites exist in the first place? I suppose the contention is these DEW devices are attached to weather balloons – just as they claim are the source for 50 years of weather satellite data.

Again, what all of this does, is keep people from looking at the real issues – like where are these daily scheduled and inexplicable winds in opposition to the Jet Stream coming from, when there is no other ‘weather’ of any kind?

As you can see from the series of wind maps in this video, not just in California but across the country, there are countless examples of winds literally being sucked into stationary “holes” in some areas, while winds are “blown out” of stationary “holes” in other areas.

These “Vortex-Out” and “Vortex-In” stationary “holes” can be observed working in conjunction to create multiple layer winds in all kinds of ‘counter natural’ directions, that create the bizarre weather systems we see on daily basis, and that are fueling these catastrophic fires. As the Weather Channel continues to boast that “mother nature” is working against the firefighters, this, is what people need to be paying attention to – not the implausible ‘theories’ on cause that are flooding cyberspace, and keeping people from seeing the obvious.


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