Brexit, New World Order Endgame, Chaos Politics – Sean Stone w/ Gary Franchi

Brexit, the New World Order, and the conspiracy to misdirect and control the world through a shadow government is explored with Gary Franchi of . How the advancing agenda of the elite is including smart phones and smart devices, and the need to retain skepticism about Trump and the political candidates is detailed in this companion interview to the one appearing on the Next News Network. Sean Stone is your host on Buzzsaw

00:01 Welcoming Gary Franchi to Buzzsaw.
00:40 Brexit, the New World Order, and the final phase of power.
05:32 Security clearance, National Reconnaissance Office and shadow government.
11:32 “Black Book” spending and secret military works.
13:11 Removing free will, and using smart devices to control society.
15:50 Trump, campaign skepticism, and the dishonest nature of the presidency.
16:50 Are we in WWIII? The agenda of chaos.
19:54 Thanks and go to Next News Network for more.