by Benjamin Fulford, February 7th, 2018

Dear Sir Benjamin Fulford.

Thank you for your fight and your work.

I am writing to present an Urgent plan for the survival of the Planet that needs powerful support around the world!

This project concerns pollution to plastic waste and other waste.

Plastics represent a total of 100 million tons of waste per year, which represents a windfall of $100 billion.

The challenges of plastic waste have become environmental, societal, and economic issues that need to be controlled.

Plastic waste becomes an opportunity (from raw materials to infinity-circular economy) and no longer has constraint!

634,000 kilos of waste are dumped into the oceans every second (meter), or 20 trillion tons of waste per year, 80% of which comes from land. According to this study, plastic waste represents 8 million tonnes per year, the equivalent of a garbage truck dumped into the sea every minute.

Here is the link of the website that we created to make this urgent project known:

Again, thank you for your good work and your attention to this very important mail for the future of humanity, of the planet earth,
and its consequences on all Creation (already polluted).
Mrs H.G.B of Senneville Emmanuelle and Sir John Robert G.B from Senneville
Count and Countess of Bessin / Normandy
Order of St. Michael
Tel: + 33 07 80 00 13 71



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