Christmas is a time for family, being thankful, and caring for others, while we celebrate the birth of Jesus.

For children it is about believing in Santa Claus and making sure they are being good so they can be rewarded with presents under the tree.
But what if we told you that Christmas didn’t start out as the holiday you know. And like almost everything else, it has a very dark past. You will never look at reindeer, wreaths, Christmas trees, and Santa Claus in the same way ever again.

And of course for us, it wouldn’t be Christmas if it didn’t tie back into… the #DeepState and the #Occult. We will go from the past to the present as we take you through Babylonian times, Ancient Rome, Pagans, the Catholic Church, and leading into how the Deep State has warped and twisted this holiday for their own selfish desires.
So get ready as we fly you off to the Edge of Wonder’s Christmas Special!

(Parents be warned, you might not want your younger children watching this one. We spill the milk and cookies on good ole’ Kris Kringle)


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