Concert tours are great. Many bands love going on tour, and their fans definitely love getting to see their favorite artists up close and personal in cities all over the world. Unfortunately, though, some tragic accidents have happened to bands on the road.

On September 27, 1986, Metallica was in Sweden promoting their latest release, Master of Puppets. They were heading to their next tour date when, just before 7 a.m., their driver skidded on a patch of black ice and lost control. The tour bus flipped and threw bassist Cliff Burton through a window. What happened next is told differently by people on the scene, but they do all agree that the bus landed on top of Burton and killed the 24-year-old musician. There were questions as to whether the accident could’ve been prevented, but an investigation cleared the driver of any wrongdoing.

In a bizarre footnote, Burton was sleeping on a top bunk when the accident happened, and he’d ended up there because of a single draw from a deck of cards. He and guitarist Kirk Hammett drew cards to choose who was going to get the pick of the bunks, and Burton won with the ace of spades. He chose the bunk that Hammett had been using, and that choice ultimately led to his death.

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