It was 30 years ago this month that director Robert Zemeckis’s sci-fi/comedy/adventure film Back to the Future hit theaters, leaving a cinematic impression on millions and resulting in two follow-up films in 1989 and 1990, respectively.

Apophenia Productions, which has been analyzing synchronicities in the Back to the Future trilogy, released a new video this week simply titled “Back to the Future predicts 9/11.”

In the film, the narrator, Joe Alexander, notes how the Twin Pines Mall, where Marty McFly (Michael J. Fox) meets Dr. Emmett Brown (Christopher Lloyd) right before Libyan (Muslim) terrorists attack – the “twin pines” are a symbolic representation of the Twin Towers.

“The attack is at the Twin, which is a reference to the Twin Towers,” Alexander says. Noting that the mall sign has a digital clock on it reading 1:16 a.m., it is clear that when turned upside-down, the numbers read 9/11. 9/11 appears in other places in the film and an eerie simulation of 9/11 takes place in the McFly home in October 2015 in Back to the Future Pt. 2, as is noted in this film.

Before the attack, the sign reads: “Twin Pines Mall.” After the attack, the sign reads “Lone Pine Mall.” After the Twin Towers were destroyed on 9/11, a new, single tower rose – One World Trade Center (aka “Freedom Tower”).

The film notes how Marty tries to warn Doc – in 1955 – about the terrorist attack in 1985, which really symbolizes the actual 9/11 attack coming in 2001, as noted in parts 1 and 2 of Back to the Future.

Interestingly, Robert Zemeckis is taking us “back in time” in October 2015, with The Walk, the upcoming film set in 1974 and starring Joseph Gordon-Levitt as French wire walker Phillipe Petit, who connected a wire to the Twin Towers and successfully walked between them. This is connecting the 1985 9/11 clues and the post-9/11 film The Walk (Oct. 2015) about the pre-9/11 Twin Towers, as if they are actual characters in the film. Again, these films are separated by 30 years. This is important to remember.

Petit would call this “le coup,” or “the coup.” Coincidentally, it was the radical rap group The Coup whose album Party Music featured a cover with Coup members Boots Riley and Pam the Funkstress using a tuner to detonate and destroy the Twin Towers. The album cover was created in June 2001 and was scheduled to be released in September 2001. After the 9/11 attacks, it was held and released that November with an alternate cover. I discussed this in my piece “Wires.”

The film is fantastic and well done (in the interest of full disclosure, I am listed as a contributor to the film) and does not make any concrete assertions or accusations. It simply presents this information that was there for those with eyes to see.

And we can’t wait to see The Walk this fall.

~Andrew W. Griffin
Red Dirt Report

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