Rallying and pushing for Disclosure is important but there is something very powerful that WE can do as the people – and therefore the majority – and that is claim to our cosmic heritage right back for ourselves.

The feeling then from claiming and identifying oneself as an Galactic or Intergalactic Being is a reduction of being ‘victim’ to the ruling elite and fighting for the truth which further energizes the polarity and duality (us against them) to instead focusing on the personal realization on ‘what and who we are.’ There will be a great impact from this personal awakening and in claiming it – via the laws of physics it will feed the collective consciousness with this truth.

A Starseed is someone who can identify as being an Intergalactic, Galactic, Interstellar, Inter-dimensional Being currently embodied in human form. Project Starseed is a headcount on Awakened Starseeds who are claiming their intergalactic heritage as a means to increase Unity Consciousness and facilitate Earth’s integration in to the Galactic Community.