This lecture and demonstration of Aura Colors And Their Meaning by Barbara Morey, took place on June 8th, 2019 in Michigan. Barb shares her journey from childhood till now, and how she came to see and understand the meaning behind auras. She shares many colorful stories of how auras have played an important role in her own life, and how she’s used her ability to help others. Barb also discusses the aura colors and the difference between core unchanging colors and those that change with emotional and health situations. In the second half, she takes volunteers from the audience to demonstrate auras and gives advice and counsel to each individual and couples.

About Barbara Morey
Barb Morey had seen people glowing with beautiful colors since birth. And throughout her life developed a sense of how to detect health problems and even impending death by carefully evaluating this glow. But it wasn’t until her late 30s that Morey realized what she was seeing was an aura. When a therapist recognized and defined her creative gifts, she was inspired to study auras and healing modalities. In addition to her own personal research, Morey studied under gifted aura reader and author, Barbara Bowers.

At the same time, she became interested in the healing benefits of massage and mastered many disciplines, including reflexology, myofascial, Jin Shin Do and advanced cranial. By combining her intuitive understanding of crystals, aura reading gifts and massage skills, Morey discovered her purpose… healing others. She feels fulfilled and grateful for these gifts and is dedicated to the continual research and discovery of healing in her own life and the lives of others.

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