Ask The Aliens: Abortion – When Does The Soul Enter The Body? – Naughty Beaver

When does abortion become murder? The Alabama senate just passed a bill criminalizing abortion after 6 weeks. No exceptions for rape or incest. It looks like the fight will go right to the supreme court. Isn’t it magical how abortion gets to be a thing right at election time? Naughty Beaver takes it to the extreme for the answers. I simply consulted with the watchers of earth to find out when the soul actually enters the body. The answer may surprise you. Given everything happening around the world with the chaotic climate change, Satan’t return and Planet X, is it any coincidence abortion hits center stage yet again? Great food for thought. Love you lots! Naughty Beaver
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Link to video used – Cosmic Agency – Soul – Extraterrestrial Pleiadian Message (Swaruu from Erra, Taygeta) –…
Check out here entire channel if you have never seen it. Exceptional knowledge on metaphysical subjects with direct communcations from the Taygetan race that is said to be in orbit above the earth.

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