Are You Service To Others But Have A Hard Time Receiving ANYTHING? You’re Not Alone!

by Gregg Prescott, M.S.
Founder & Webmaster,

Most of the people in this field are “Service to Others” types on people. We give and give and give yet have a difficult time receiving or asking for anything from anyone?

This is an imbalance that I still struggle with.

As you know, I built In5D after receiving a “galactic download” that basically told me that I needed to build this website in order to raise the critical mass while bringing soul groups and star families together.  I was told that I needed to do interviews, radio shows, conferences, etc… and I told them, “You’ve got the wrong guy.  I’m an introvert” to which they said, “No, you’re the one for this job.”

I now realize this was another reason why I had to take this job.  I conducted a poll on one of the introvert articles that I wrote, “Introverts And Spirituality,” and over 80% of the people who responded are introverts. Someone had to be their voice.  That’s me…lol

When I recently moved, I boxed up everything on my own and moved everything except for the furniture on my own.  Why?  Because I didn’t want to burden anyone else.

Once I moved to my new location, I was immediately told by my guides, “You are EXACTLY where you need to be on the grid.” I recently got further assurance when my landlords told me they needed to replace the cast iron pipes in the house and that I would need to evacuate the premises for 5 days while the plumbers took jackhammers into my home and tore up all of the floors to replace the plumbing.

Synchronistically, I was offered a free cruise from Royal Caribbean for the 5 days that the plumbers would be at my house, so I took the cruise to Havana, Cuba. While on the cruise, a dermatologist noticed some skin cancer on my back and on my last evening there, he pulled me aside to tell me about it. He introduced himself as “Jared” and said there was a spot on my left shoulder that has the A, B, C, and D’s of cancer, adding that I need to get that checked out immediately.

I had a Stage 3 melanoma removed from my lower back in 2008, so I’ve been down this route before.

When I returned, I simply made a post on my personal FB wall, asking if anyone knew of a holistic and reputable dermatologist in the Sarasota/Tampa area.