By Fattima Mahdi Truth Theory

If we looked at the human world as if it were a single brain, what is our combined dominant personality? Well, our reality is contradictory to say the least. We frown upon violence and imprison murderers, yet we engage in violent practices within our police force and sentence many to death when we go to war. In addition, there are many environmental organisations working tirelessly to invest in methods that can help to heal our planet, whilst others are working tirelessly to continue to harm the planet for profit.

Humanity appears to be at a crossroads. We seem to be at war with ourselves. On the one hand, we are living in an amoral free-for-all, on the other; we live in a world that promotes peace and justice. In some ways, this has led to a split-brain society. Conforming to the masses also forces us to conform to the noise – the politics and the media. We either embrace accepted truths or deal with the inconvenient facts – the reality of which can be too much to bear. As a result, it appears that we haven’t yet been able to collectively consolidate our motivations as a society, which means we cannot function effectively.

We are all individually living our own reality, and much like the schizophrenic brain, this is fractured and fragmented when compounded to form a single human perceptual experience. As individuals, we are focused on our own personal quest for survival, our own beliefs and values take precedence, even at the expense of others. In essence, we as humans are a magnification of the single schizophrenic brain.

Fattima Mahdi is a British writer, mentor, lyricist and professional roller-skater. She uses both her love for writing and music to address socio-political issues, contemporary culture and mental health problems prevalent in society today, thereby igniting conscious thought and sparking debate in these areas.

Fattima has lived and worked with young adults in Malta, South Africa and Panama. She is best known for her inspirational video ‘No Limits’ and skate video ‘Find Your Flow’ which together have racked up over 40,000 views on Facebook. Fattima is also the proud author of Love Don’t Come Easy which will be released, along with an EP, this summer. You can follow her blog Thoughts From The Balcony Here


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