Are Handbags Found in Ancient Art a Homage to Aliens?

The preponderance of handbags depicted in artwork throughout the ages has some paranormal researchers wondering if there may be more than meets the eye with the odd motif.

YouTube user UFO Today has produced a remarkable video which chronicles a vast array of ancient works of art that feature a person holding a handbag.

Beginning with the Sumerians, the collection advances through time and reveals how the handbag keeps appearing in the art of subsequent cultures and civilizations spread far across the world.

No doubt, historians and archaeologists have examined the issue before and the video even acknowledges that one suggestion for the recurring handbag is that the item was of particular significance to people because it could carry various supplies.

However, advocates of an ancient alien theory argue that this explanation seems unbelievable in light of how often the handbags appear in settings which depict important figures and events.

As such, the video proposes that the objects symbolizes knowledge handed down from ETs who visited the planet and interacted with humans in the distant past.

Some conspiracy theorists have even advanced the possibility that the handbags came from time travelers who journeyed to the past.

Since the creators of the artwork have long since left the mortal realm, it’s unlikely that we’ll ever really know if there is a secret hiding in the ancient handbags, unless aliens suddenly show up looking for them.

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