Arcturians, Starseeds, Astral Realm, 3D vs 5D Timeline, DNA Upgrades, Hybridization – Miles Johnston w/ Alexander Quinn

Alexander Quinn is an ET contactee, and Starseed, after suffering terrible injuries his life changed. This is part 1 of his path to ascension

Alexander Quinn is an alien Contactee, and Starseed, with memories of the horrors on Mars, as described by Mime Nelson, Vancouver UFO group a year or so ago,..very similar memories. He was regressed by Australian therapist and researcher Mary Rodwell. Some of this and his interview with Mary on his own YouTube channel is included.


The Three Waves of Volunteers & The Coming New Earth – Dolores Cannon

We’re All Hybrids, 94% Junk DNA Activating, Starseeds & Religious Parents, Incarnating Souls To Help Earth & Humanity Awaken – Karen Swain w/ Mary Rodwell