Anunnaki Origins, Sumerians, Bible Hoax, Yahweh Genocide, Elohim, Nephilim, GMOs – Leak Project & Gerald Clark w/ Mauro Biglino

Panel interview with Rex Bear from the Leak Project, Claudia Martini as Italian to English translator, Mauro Biglino author and ex-Vatican translator, and Gerald Clark asking the tough questions.

I was contacted by a gentleman in Italy asking whether I had heard of Mauro Biglino? About a year ago received his English version book in PDF format and was thrilled to see how closely his research paralleled my own. One thing led to another and eventually I decided to do a show on his work with Rex without doing an interview with a translator. Then Claudia Martini reached out to me and indicated that she would help facilitate the interview which was recorded and published on the Leak Project recently. This interview has edited audio to improve the sound quality as well as full augmentation with images and video magic to bring the information to life. Christa worked very hard to make this production a creative masterpiece.

Key Questions

TIME 06:41 Why did the Vatican Hire You as a translator?

TIME 10:36 Why did you choose the Maserite Texts to Translate?

TIME 13:33 to 17:13 When did you and the Vatican Know that Sumerian Texts were the origin of all copied Hebrew texts? Bible is copied from Atrahasis, Enuma Elish, and the Epic of Gilgamesh… BOOM!

TIME: 17:54 Mauro states the Vatican and Church authorities chose not to tell Catholics and Christians that the Bible was merely a copy of the Sumerian texts, not the word of God as it taught!

TIME: 19:25 Has Mauro read the Nag Hamadi Texts? He states they tell the real story of Jesus

TIME: 23:29 The Greek Gods are the same as the Anunnaki of Sumeria according to Mauro. This agrees with my research see God Table 9 at TIME 23:47.

TIME: Do you See Yahweh-Enlil Editorial Oversight throughout Bible?

TIME 25:19 Can you Comment on the Anunnaki in the Garden of Eden?

TIME 29:15 Compare and contrast Enki and Enlil in the Garden of Eden story and their roles relative to the primitive workers

TIME 33:54 Do you see Enlil as Yahweh? Compare with ‘Enki role and title. Discusses Deuteronomy 32 and Yahweh assigned to the family of Jacob without aid from other Elohim-Anunnaki

TIME 33:46 Mauro cites the Robertsonian Translocation proof of Genetic splice of Chromosome 2 and 3

TIME 46:24 GMO food sources dating back to age of Noah, circa 12,000 years ago. Proof that the Anunnaki designed our food sources.

TIME 49:00 Mauro states that if he found out in the headlines that the Anunnaki were here and controlling the NWO he would not be surprised.

TIME: 51:02 Mauro agrees that the Anunnaki tied their term limits to the Zodiac house duration, pointing out the change to Pisces during Jesus’ time.

TIME 54:33 Is Yahweh a Genocidal Murder? ( 1 Samuel 15 verse 3, and Joshua 10 verse 40 both are genocide references ascribed to Yahweh)

TIME 57:18 Does Mauro see the genocidal acts ordered by Yahweh to be coincident with those ordered by Enlil in the Atrahasis?

TIME 58:57 Who are the Elohim and the Nephilim and the Watchers in the Bible?

TIME 1:05:24 Mauro cites a document NBC 11008 that states when the Anunnaki were not on Earth their abode was a blue planet which brings up the question of which one it was? Nibiru?

TIME: 1:06:00 How would the Anunnaki or people on Nibiru survive a perihelion encounter with our Sun?

TIME 1:09:58 Mauro, could you define and give comment on the idea from Isaiah 14:2 discussing the Morning Star and it’s connection to Lucifer in the Bible,


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