Source: 100 Percent Fed Up

by 100% FED Up • August 19, 2017

This copy of theAntifa Manual, that is used by the George Soros funded, violent, anti-American, anti free-speech radical group, was allegedly found on the Evergreen College campus. The content of this manual is disturbing and should be read by every American, so we understand what we are up against. It helps to explain why these groups call our President and his supporters “Hitler” or “racists” or “homophobes.” It’s not that Trump or his supporters are any of these things, it’s just part of a campaign to humiliate and shut down any opposition to radicals whose ultimate goal is a one world order and the destruction of capitalism in America.

This manual gives every day Americans a look into the mind of a leftist radical who hates America and everything Americans stand for. They clearly have no regard for free-speech and are willing to use any means necessary, including deceit, outright lies and of course, violence to achieve their ultimate goals of a New World Order.

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