Animal Mutilations & Crop Circles – Linda Moulton Howe


Your Basic Mutilation
A standard mutilation exhibits one or more of the following characteristics:

* Usually occurs with cattle, horses, or sheep.

* Jaw cut: A precision, surgical-like cut of surrounding flesh to completely expose the jaw bone and teeth. The tongue and surrounding glandular tissue has been removed.

* The sex organs, navel, and nipples have been surgically removed.

* The anus and surrounding glandular tissues have been surgically removed.

No evidence of any blood, despite the severity of the procedures.

* No footprints of any kind leading to or from the animal.

* The animal is often found in the middle of a perfectly created circle.

* The cuts are made so precisely that a surgeon with a full operating room and a steady hand with the laser would have a difficult time matching these field cuts.

* The precision of the cuts and lack of blood rule out predator kills.