Ancient Technology on the Giza Plateau – Part 1: The Valley Temple of Khafre – Andrew Collins, Hugh Newman & Yousef Awyan

An exploration of the Valley Temple of Khafre (Chefren) on the Giza Plateau in Egypt. Huge, precision carved granite pillars, lintels and polygonal walls with stone that came from over 600 miles away in Aswan form the main part of the 4,550 year old temple. The inner walls are made of limestone that show severe weathering and the Sphinx is nearby, but it is thought to be built by the builder of the second pyramid, Khafre, because 23 statues of him were found inside (but could have been added later). Andrew Collins, Hugh Newman & Yousef Awyan look at the megalithic technology, alternative dating, the way it was part of a ‘port’ with boats coming up to the edge, and discuss various anomalies, including the hidden chambers and what it could have really been used for.

Filmed on the Khemit School/Megalithomania ‘Lost Technology and Wisdom of the Ancients’ Tour in March 2018. Join us again in November 2019. Details coming soon at and….

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