Ancient History, History, NWO, Malevolent ETs, Plandemic, Matrix, Children, We Are Extremely Unique – Elena Danaan w/ Alex Collier (Mar 2021)

“Keep the faith, keep charging forward. Never lose faith in yourself, it doesn’t matter what other people think. The most important person that you need to be thinking about or listening to would be yourself. Your inner guidance knows. It knows. We just forgot, many of us forgot how to trust it and to listen to it. ”
Alex Collier

WE ARE POWERFUL! Human Beings are way more powerful than they have been conditioned to believe. In this conversation Alex Collier kindly accepted to share with me, we will evoke the origins of Mankind and the true, amazing, mind-blowing capacities of our beings. When Alex and I stunningly realized we were given the same information from either the Andromedan Council and the Galactic Federation, time came about to connect. This interview is the first time we publicly chat about our common experiences.

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