The final stage has been set for Ascension of All things with a consciousness, for earth and humanity which reside in the farthest point from which this event started. This Ascension includes 350,000 billion quadrillion sectors that will be ascending simultaneously. All will be where they are supposed to be at the time of full ascension.
This is the time we have all been waiting for, for such a very long time. You all must well know your level of consciousness is a large part of what you will experience and how you will experience it. It is directly correlated with what you believe to be the truth of what you will experience.
You all have created your own experience for this process so there is no one or no thing that should ever be blamed if your experience is not what you thought it would be. Remember you created this part for yourself and only you. You also may have chosen to be with others or even to do this as a collective.
Many have chosen to do this with grace, ease, love and companionship, while others chose less fortunate plans, due to their level of comprehension and how awakened they are.
All beings are receiving full comprehension on and off planet depending on your ability to interpret and receive this information. You have never not been informed as to this process you are all experiencing and going through. All of you have been attending class with me to fully understand and comprehend everything you need to know and understand, each and every night. Did I say every night? Yes I did, and this is specifically why so many are having a hard time sleeping. You are all working very hard to get your work done at night in school with me, let alone the many other things that need to be completed. This a huge undertaking and all of us must help get it ready, as there are quadrillions of sectors and we are all doing this at one time!!!!
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