Gordon Bowden and Professor George Lees discuss the AIM, a subsidiary of the London Stock Exchange. Marcus Studdart owner….3000 companies have raised over £24 Bn….they have market capitalisation…..then manipulate devalue the shares by sloshing new shares into fraudulent companies, that have no products. This is the virtual product sector and it is a perfect platform for billion dollar fraud daily. Directors steal share and cash assets and keep doing it for up to 10 years.The mail forwarding service at 50 Lothian Road is explained again and how the take is laundered to Florida, Mexico, Caymans…..e.g. the Cairn virtual oil and gas empire run by Sir Bill Gammell with its CEO on the Court of the Bank of England.

A number of Oil and Gas frauds/flotations are profile e.g. Falkland Oil and Gas. The companies are designed to steal and cash burn the floated companies and launder assets from parent into acquired subsidiaries. Rangers directors got £800,000 plus massive shareholdings as bonuses then stripped Rangers PLC into the Murray Investment Trust at Aberdeen Asset Management. US security regulators have declared the AIM is just a casino. A large proportion of companies dissolve within the year. THOUSANDS of FAKE virtual oil and gas are now archived by Gordon….the Toronto and Australian stock exchanges are under his radar, but Toronto no longer releases its data for SHAME.

The stock markets sweep into brutalized countries like Iraq, Libya, Lebanon and currently Lithuania/Ukraine. The AIM cuts its regulations for small start ups….so mega billion organised crime syndicates run wholesale fraud theft and money-laundering. The BIG FOUR auditors actually advise on optimising the take and are complicit on this basis. They are KMPG, PWC, Deloittes, Ernst & Young. Gordon was unaware whether the auditors are publicly owned too?

Insider trading is profiled…and the Warren Buffet acquisition of one third of TESCO is cited, as is the co-op bank and Lees’ disclosures of the crimes of Peter Marks (Radio Four Today’s false news/Economic lectures before and after the frauds) Crimes on the Lloyd Verde theft project.

Lloyds lent the money from its toxic debt pool then acquired itself….the CEOs have stripped out huge fees to enable the BBC to release the false news on drug addiction by the new banking leaders. The mutual savers are completely unaware of the scams. Gordon reveals the news on Zach Goldsmith, Director Rainforest Corporation Director number 915447621 born 1955 Co Number 0791285, Campanale Director 911924379.

Zach is son of Sir James, and is MP for Richmond Pk…now manipulating market but calling for paedophile rings at top of government to be investigated . Zach has divorced his wife and has had an affair with Alice Rothschild The Duke of Westminster, born Britain’s richest man (with estates near my hometown at Pathead) has litigation fund, £7m, as director of the Royal British Legion to shield the directorate from profiteering or war crimes claims.

Company Directors and Temple secs 788-790 Finchley are infamous for prime ministerial frauds….see profgeorgelees/revelations website articles.

For over 30 fraudulent years Thatcher-Blair & Cameron. We discuss the asset stripping of public assets by Council staff: unelected lifelong officials, e.g. Care homes, Funds for care commissions/selected patients, Citizens. Fines for insider trading by the FSA are discussed but the regulation is tokenistic for minor incidents and the criminals give the fine to themselves….as in the mis-selling scandals.

Infrastructure scams are aired e.g. the third Forth Bridge, Scottish Borders Schools/building service contract PPP scams embroiling Bilfinger….the high speed rail contract is cited as an example and corrupted councils/money men at the dark contractual interface…..once the tendering is “completed” the contractors and Commissioners just keep changing the terms to line their pockets and the legal contracts are worthless/non-binding despite public indignation/outrage. The children bear the debt burden for the entire fraud for 30-40 years.

Once the cash is into the corrupted accounts the future of the project is irrelevant. Companies with massive debt burdens are just written off by the regulators and the fraudsters are never called to account but are allowed to repeatedly offend on their secret debt facility. No fear of prosecution because the non-exec directors are MPs Lords/Councillors.

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