Bible, Aliens, Angels, Dragons, Reptilians, Serpents, Pre-Adamites, Disclosure. Working From The Inside Then Out – Jimmy Church w/ Rabbi Bar Tzadok

Tonight our guest is Rabbi Ariel Bar Tzadok and we’ll be talking about 2020, the end of times from the book of Daniel, angels, demons and Extra-Terrestrials… all in one show!

Rabbi Ariel Bar Tzadok is the rabbi/director of the KosherTorah School, found online at

The rabbi is the author of Aliens, Angels and Demons, and other works. Regular guest of the hit TV series ANCIENT ALIENS. Rabbi Tzadok teaches the ancient Ascent/Aliyah school of Kabbalah, which places emphasis on experiential spirituality. His school welcomes people of all backgrounds, who wish to learn about the authentic, and original Biblical world outlook.

Air date: January 20, 2020

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