Given a megaphone with a platform to stand on and an engaging audience there are 3 words I would love to holler: “ Consciousness is everything! ” in a talk to inspire possibility.

It has been said in so many words that ‘universal consciousness underpins every aspect of reality.’ Let me explain what this implies and then go on with how universal consciousness can be used to create world peace like we’ve never known before.

Ask yourself “What is life?”

Allow me to answer for you by saying life is biology. Seems a reasonable answer to me… Okay, you might respond by asking “… but what is biology?” Biology is biochemistry that which props up, underpins biology, indeed allowing all of life to exist.

However, we could further hone in on how life exists by asking “… but what underpins biochemistry?” The answer is chemistry. Is chemistry everything? No! We dig down deeper again by asking “… but what underpins chemistry?”

Physics underpins chemistry. Stay with me this is going somewhere. Carrying on in the questioning, we could then say that which underpins physics is energy.

All things are energy.

However, we haven’t quite hit the bottom. Yes, you may well have already got what I’m getting at: I’ll return to my statement at the beginning. “Conscious is everything.” -That which underpins all of life and existence is consciousness.

Consciousness is dynamic and forever changing. That’s why nothing ever stays the same.

Whether we go through dire straits as individuals due to our own personal circumstances in life or if the ruling elite achieve the intended new world order global fascist dictatorship, ALL will pass.

These circumstances only reflect where we’re consciously at: Dire straits (or the threat of) may serve as catalysts for our awakening changing consciousness, which in turn can manifest different circumstances that will take us well away from the doom and gloom.

The conscious choice for world peace is up to us all

For a significant contribution to our advancement as a race and world peace science needs to overcome its greatest stumbling block by accepting that universal undivided consciousness does exist.

It is not something that can be dismissed by saying it’s only an illusion caused merely by activity in our brains.

When science embraces consciousness and spirituality, which are one of the same, we’ll have an unprecedented revolution in science and technology… Just you wait; we’ll then have this planet licked!

As conscious co-creators, this is the opportunity we have for creating the pathway to world peace.

The choice ours by dint of that shift in consciousness:

Yes, as spoken by Jimi Hendrix, in so many words, the power of love can overcome the love of power… I’m counting on it!

By Paul A Philips, Guest author,