9/11 Truth, Building 7, and the New Fight For Liberty – Sean Stone w/ Brian Young

9/11 truth, building 7’s collapse, and the modern fight for truth and liberty in the face of increasing incremental infringement of your rights is discussed with Brian Young of High Impact Flix. How the TSA has been a weather vane for the usurping of freedom, and the casual nature of government spying, plus what Benjamin Franklin might say to today’s state of affairs in America is all explored in this half of the interview on Buzzsaw hosted by Sean Stone. Be sure to check out High Impact Flix for the rest of the interview + more content!

00:01 Welcoming Brian Young to Buzzsaw.
00:43 Inspiration behind High Impact Flix?
02:30 9/11 as a catalyst for action–from building 7 to the collapse of lies.
05:29 Breaking the cycle of blindness and historical ignorance–Hitler’s lessons.
07:34 Main points on 9/11, and the grab for freedoms.
11:39 The death of privacy, and modern resistance through alternative channels.
15:30 Local and community governance as opposed to the almighty central government.
17:51 Thanks and watch the rest of the conversation on High Impact Flix!