9/11 – What Happened to the Passengers?


According to official FBI reports, 9 cell phone calls were made from passengers in the hijacked jetliners on 9/11. This clip from Massimo Mazzucco’s ‘September 11 – The New Pearl Harbor’ systematically and scientifically demonstrates how in 2001, it was technologically impossible for these calls to have occurred while the planes were in flight, as reported. A Japanese TV experiment seen here using cell phones from the three main carriers at the time proved that such calls could not have been made from altitudes above 10,000 feet – in some cases, at thousands of feet less than that.

That the calls were made, however is not in debate. This suggests that the planes may have been diverted and landed somewhere and the passengers forced to make scripted statements to their loved ones. Evidence in the recorded calls indicates this could have been the case.

The CIA has been developing the means to conduct in-flight swapping of commercial airliners with military drones, undetectable to air traffic controllers since the 1960s, as was proposed by the declassified plan for a false flag attack against Cuba called Operation Northwoods.

Over the years, I’ve read speculation that the planes were landed in Cleveland, Ohio and/or at Chicopee Air Force Base in Massachusetts.

What happened to the passengers? I have a friend whose tenant, who lived in the basement apartment of his house in Silver Spring, Maryland was on the American Airlines flight from Washington, DC to Los Angeles. She was supposed to be on Flight AA77, that allegedly crashed into the Pentagon.

This website  shows that the US Bureau of Transportation Statistics has no records that either American Airlines Flights 77 or 11 ever departed from their respective airports. Neither the tail numbers nor the actual departure times exist for flights AA77 or AA11 on September 11th, whereas they do for these same flights on September 10th and for the two other hijacked flights, UA93 and UA175 on both dates.

Reports vary, that either 184 or 188 of the 189 passengers were identified by forensic scientists, who included Drs. Douglas Owsley and Douglas Ubelaker, both of whom were tasked to identify victims of the Waco Massacre, another event viewed by many as a mass-murder of Americans by their own government.

The video goes on to detail more outrageous discrepancies between the official reports and what was physically possible.

The same people who lied to you then are lying to you now. The Mainstream Media is useful only if you’re curious as to what the criminals in power want you to think and nothing more.


Source: https://forbiddenknowledgetv.net

September 11 – The New Pearl Harbor