Video on the topic of “Cloud seeding” (slang term chemtrails) .. this PBS fluff report covers the spraying of silver iodide across the wilderness of Idaho — using fuel laced with silver iodide, emitted from ground based mountaintop “plume generators” , also they mention spraying from aircraft.

Could it be a far stretch of the imagination to assume that aircraft fuel could also be “laced” with silver iodide?

We know for certain they use silver iodide (burn in place) flares such as these:…

In this news piece, they talk about propane mixed with silver iodide for the ground based plume generators.

In Idaho’s case, this is being done to increase precipitation, thus increase water supply in in the rivers, providing more power generation capability for Idaho Power Company.

Notice the terminology the meteorologist uses .. saying things like “we target..” meaning the POWER COMPANY is picking areas to hit with heavy snow. Im sure the people actually living / owning land in the areas being “targeted” might have something to say about the power company “targeting” their property for their own personal gain !

Worthy to consider that notion at least.. people might deserve a cut of the profit since their land is being used as a precipitation DUMPING GROUND for the power companies pocketbook.

read all about the program in this .pdf from Idaho Power provided by the Idaho state government .gov website:……

Who does the spraying? Companies such as these, sponsored by your state governments !…………………………………………