6 Keys To Unlocking Your Body’s Wisdom

by Aquaria Star

Below is a selection of various modalities geared towards resetting the energy body and nervous system back to its natural state with an emphasis on building a deep heart connection and compassion with yourself. Though many of these modalities are systematized in their approach they gear the practitioner in the direction of intuitive listening.

The order chosen below is roughly on purpose in that it slowly builds and prepares the body for more and more opening. This doesn’t mean you need to do one, then the next, then the next, but that each one given has a specific purpose to prepare the body for more and more light. Eventually, you’ll get a point where you don’t need to do TRE or somatic movements as much as do everything you need through modalities like dance or qigong. Eventually a deep listening and intuition grants the ability to flow with the energy is present and express in a natural way that creates joy and health. The guidelines are general for the readers’ convenience but remember every-body is different so tune in and listen to what is best for you.

Eating Well and Cleansing

Starting at a cellular and organ level allows for the body to achieve levels of health that prepare it for the deep cleansing of lifetimes of energy being stuck in the physical and energetic bodies. It prepares the main currents of energy so the body can release even deeper, the chakras can align and the meridians can function properly, as well as the main 12 physical systems. Additionally, a healthy organic diet is paramount to ensuring we get the right combination of nutrients and minerals for the body to fully awaken. There’s a reason why the mystery schools often spoke of the esoteric mysteries behind salts.

Some very good information about how these 12 mineral salts can help you to create balance in the body and the elixir of life can be found in the article below.

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In general, eating a diet of a variety of organic fresh foods and veggies with greens can have profound effects on your health and well being.


To prepare our body to even be able to fully absorb these high nutrient dense foods we need to make sure that first the colon is cleansed, and then the organs. If there is interest, in following articles we can dive deeper into a few ways this can be done, but for those who are interested enough with independent research, you can find what you need.

A good metaphor for describing this is that the body is kind of like a car. You need to cleanse and flush the old oils for the new ones to function properly. By starting with the colon we ensure two main things.

  1. Any old stagnant toxins in the intestines get a chance to move
  2. That we won’t have a backup of toxins when doing deeper organ and cell cleanses.

As the ancients say, “Take care of yo stuff!”

Cleansing as a foundational practice and maintenance of the body allows for us to be more deeply rooted in our bodies, have less fear and worry and establish a deeper connection to the body so we can begin to listen to what it needs in every moment. This is foundational to creating a deep rooting needed for expansion.

Somatic Movements

Getting to a place of health within the body doesn’t mean jogging until you throw up and pushing yourself to extremes at the gym or in yoga. Yeah, mindful vigorous exercise has its place but to really develop an intimate relationship within we need to re-learn how to move. Releasing lifetimes of tensions and blockages allows for us to surrender to a more quiet and sacred place within. We learn to hear and listen to subtle messages of the body while also trusting in our heart that everything is going to be OK and we can take care of ourselves in a way that makes the most sense to us.

Somatic movements allow for us to learn to relax the muscles, joints, and tendons to new levels correcting subtle in-balances that we didn’t even know we had.

Author’s Note: learning these types of movements can transform your movement practice such as dance or yoga. It can help you not only release the blockages that stop the energy in your body from moving naturally but will teach you how to be more present with how your body wants to move organically instead of in a way the mind is imposing on it.  This brings you to a feminine receptive ability and an ability to spontaneously create movement. You’ll be able to spontaneously create movement endlessly without thought.

Trauma Release Exercises

Have you ever seen an animal in nature when it is attacked or undergoes a fight or flight event? Often right after the event they will go, run away and find somewhere safe where they will shake for a period of time. This shaking is as a way for the nervous system to cleanse its self and reset into a relaxed state. Similar to somatic movements trauma release exercises (or TRE) help the body to relax and return the nervous system to a natural state of balance. Helping to release trauma is paramount to a healthy well balanced nervous system capable of channeling the divine essence that we are.

A wonderful benefit of the TRE is that it helps you get out of your head about what specifically happens and simply allow the energy to move and be released through gentle shaking.

Myofascial Release

Extending from the above, myofascial release allows us to correct tensions in the body that we may have had our entire life. It unlocks us to deeper layers of ourselves and relaxes muscles that seem like they just keep needing more and more release. Why is it that people need to go to a masseuse, again and again, a chiropractor again and again, and never seem to really recover from injuries? It’s because along the muscular wall in between the muscles, tendons, and skin is whats called the fascia sheath. This almost crystalline liquid holds a type of memory, contracting and pulling muscles in for protection and safety during times of danger. However, years after the initial injury the sheath can stay locked in position pulling the muscles, bones, and vertebrae chronically out of alignment. This is why practices like Swedish massage seem to just need to be done, again and again, it’s because the muscles keep getting pulled on again by the fascia.

To reset it, the fascia often requires a kind of spontaneous almost unusual movement. The movement is sometimes in a spiral-like motion and causes the body to go into almost bizarre configurations. I only mention this for you to know it’s OK to a get a bit “weird” with these movements, your learning to allow and listen to what your body needs to express so it can finally relax and return back to its natural state.

Often these types of movements can bring up fears and emotional uncertainty, don’t worry, simply breath through whatever comes up and give yourself permission to feel what is present.

Craniosacral Therapy

Often paired with fascia work, cranial sacral therapy is a subtle non-invasive therapy who’s primary goal is to create balance and harmony in the body through gentle non-invasive adjustments to the body. Its primary focus in doing this is balancing the polarities of the body between the left and right sides as well as the top of the skull and the base of the spine. This wonderful gentle technique allows for the spine to properly pump craniosacral fluid into the skull and back down. By focusing on subtle and gentle adjustments done to the cranial plates one can affect almost any area in the body having profound effects on health and sense of well being. It’s fun to note that it’s basically impossible to be depressed when your craniosacral fluid is pumping as it is your Kundalini/life-force energy and is what brings you into a higher state of joy, relaxation, and flow.

Though it’s nice to have a practitioner perform some of these adjustments on you, a fair bit can be done through a more solo approach.


Weather its qigong,  yoga or spontaneous dance getting into the body and expressing yourself in new and playful ways allows you to not only exercise but learn to flow while listening to what the body needs in every moment. Qi Gong is a more structured practice allowing for your energetic and physical body to unite clearing out your central energy channels and connecting you to the world in and around you. Dance, on the other hand, allows for you to express yourself in any way you see fit moving the energy inside in whatever way it wants to be expressed. This is not only a creative practice but when done right can be a shamanic and a deeply divine experience. Visit Dancing Freedom for more details.

Also, some look into the work of Mantak Chia can be beneficial in a more advanced comprehensive understanding of the energy currents in the body and how they can be directed to for sacred sexuality and spiritual awakening.

BONUS: Breath

An article about the body isn’t really complete without at least mentioning the breath. Breath exercises are laced throughout spiritual traditions since before the time of Egypt. In fact, one might say that in combination with meditation it is the foundation of almost all of the mystery schools because it is literally vital to life. It’s interesting to note how deeply intertwined our state of well-being is with the breath. When we are in a stressed state it shortens, a relaxed state it deepens. Some have spoken about the breaths ability to even heal cancers or completely sustain the body without food. Surely the breath holds some keys for our awakening process. The breath can even regulate our craniosacral pump bringing us from states of tension to states of deep relaxation and bliss.

The breath has the added benefit of being a complement to any other modality mentioned above. Conscious awareness of the breath can assist in deeper focus and even helping the body to cleanse toxins and energies.

With enough experimenting with breathing exercises, one will soon find that there are areas of the breath and body that are tense, difficult to expand and blocked. This comes from earlier times in life when a traumatic events caused us to tense up in fear and then hold onto that tension for many years to come. By performing various breathing exercises and the above exercises the breath with naturally deepen and these traumas can be released.

We won’t provide any links for this as it really requires an entire article to go over the intricacies of it, but with some searches on youtube and google one can find a variety of exercises to begin experimenting with. As always be very gentle with yourself and note how you feel from the exercises. You should never feel like you need to force the breath but it should feel like a gentle massage that releases tension and deepens your sense of well-being.

This article isn’t intended to be an in-depth guide but a general overview of a big picture understanding. It’s a map for you to begin your own research and discovery process.

As always do your own research and intuitive tuning into the process to see what calls out and what is appropriate. Trust your intuition and give yourself permission to experiment compassionately.

Enjoy and keep on Shining!

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